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I’m Carrie! I’m a great-lakes girl married to a good ol’ Kentucky boy and mother to three beautiful (albeit rambunctious) children. My personal journey into motherhood led me to become both a birth & postpartum (Ginger Blossom Doula Services ), as well as director for a non profit, the Maternal Wellness Program, that focuses on maternal mental health. 

During my time as a doula I’ve become more and more fascinated by the placenta! How it’s created, everything it does throughout pregnancy and it’s benefits during postpartum recovery. Witnessing and talking with my clients who consumed them and how they experienced positive outcomes compelled me to train in placenta encapsulation!

I believe that your placenta is irreplaceable, that’s why safety is my #1 priority when preparing a placenta. Certified in Safe Sanitation practices, Safe Food Handling and Bloodborne Pathogen Prevention (specialized for placenta specialists and doulas), clients can be confident that their placenta is prepared safely, professionally and with the highest quality of care. 

Safety & Benefits



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Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta Encapsulation is the basic service of preparing the placenta to be ingested in capsule form. The placenta is cleaned, steamed (optional), thinly sliced then fully dehydrated. It is ground and put into capsules. Women who encapsulate and consume their placentas often report boosts in energy, feelings of wellness and balanced moods, quick and smooth postpartum recoveries, and sometimes a boost milk supply.

Placenta Art Keepsakes

Your placenta is captured in the form of a print, on high-quality watercolor paper, with use of non-toxic professional watercolor paint. Wrapped and delivered with your capsules, this is the perfect addition to your keepsakes.

Herbal Salves

Made with high grade all organic ingredients and your own super healing placenta powder, a salve can be used for perineal tears, cesarean wounds, nipple damage from breastfeeding, and so much more!



“Just wanted to thank you again for encapsulating my placenta! You were so helpful and amazing... would definitely recommend encapsulation to my friends.”

J. - Mom of 1
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