Frequently Asked Questions

How many capsules should I expect to receive?

The number of capsules will depend on the size of your placenta. The average number of capsules is around 80 - 120. A larger placenta will usually produce more capsules and a smaller one will yield fewer.

How should my placenta be stored after delivery?

The placenta needs to be refrigerated or placed in a cooler with ice within 3-4 hours of delivery. Be sure that it is in a leakproof container or double-bagged in ziplock bags. I always encourage clients to bring a hard-sided cooler as a back-up if I am not able to placenta within 2 hours of delivery. 

Do I need to pick up my capsules once they are finished?

No! I will bring our placenta capsules to you (wherever you are…home or hospital) when they are complete! ** There is a mileage charge for clients whose products are delivered outside of Kent county.

What area do you provide services?

I provide services to all of Kent County (Grand Rapids, Rockford, Ada, Grandville, Caledonia, Wyoming, Byron Center, etc.) and the surrounding West Michigan areas. For those who live outside of Kent County, there is a $25 delivery fee. 

Isn't the placenta a filter and therefore filled with toxins?

The placenta doesn't work like an air or water filter. It is a facilitator organ, transferring nutrients, gases and waste. It quickly moves toxins out of the placenta, away from the baby, to be processed by the parent’s liver and kidneys. The exception to this is heavy metals. Heavy metals have been found to settle in the placenta, so if you are a smoker, placenta encapsulation is not recommended.

When should I expect to get my capsules?

You can expect to have your capsules delivered or shipped back to you within about 3 days of pick-up.

Can I still encapsulate my placenta if I have a c-section or medication?

Absolutely! If you have a c-section, let your nurse know that you plan to keep your placenta so that it does not go to pathology and instead, ask that they package it up for you. ​With medication, the general rule is that it is safe to have during pregnancy, then it is safe for placenta encapsulation. 

Is there a taste or smell to the capsules?

Your encapsulated pills smell and taste no different than a store bought pre-natal vitamin. There is an add-on option for flavored capsules if you think it would help you take them with greater ease. 

What do I need to tell my doctor or hospital prior to delivery to make sure they save my placenta?

Let your nursing staff know that you will be keeping your placenta and that it needs to be kept cold. Remind them again shortly after birth. Most hospitals have a standard release form that you will sign, which releases them from liability and states that you are leaving the hospital with your placenta.